Start your flight!

This work is masterful, colorful, memorable and I can see its potential.

Larry R., Product Dev & Creative Services Professional, NYC

Amazing! Really awesome.

Edgar R.

Avventura e umorismo in un fumetto di grande potenziale.

Non vedo l'ora di leggere il prossimo volume!

Fabio B.

La storia è divertente e molto piacevole. Promette bene! E Niki non può che conquistarti!


Niki è un adorabile infame.



Princess of the Munia royal family. After escaping Katrina’s attack, she manages the survivors against the new menace.

Katrina Mechanova

The most evolved artificial intelligence in the universe. She feeds herself with energy from planets.


A city floating in the sky, made by natural and artificial islands. Its architecture made it famous as a place for acrobatic flying races. Niki Batsprite, Luckymar and Fally live here.