Start your flight!

This work is masterful, colorful, memorable and I can see its potential.

Larry R., Product Dev & Creative Services Professional, NYC

Amazing! Really awesome.

Edgar R.

Avventura e umorismo in un fumetto di grande potenziale.

Non vedo l'ora di leggere il prossimo volume!

Fabio B.

La storia è divertente e molto piacevole. Promette bene! E Niki non può che conquistarti!


Niki è un adorabile infame.


Night Flight

Fally owns this pub in the floating city of Aeria. It will have a crucial role in Niki‘s adventures.

Fally’s house

Fally has a large apartment in a nice and quiet district of Aeria… at least until Niki decides to pay a visit!

Dark island

The misterious lair of Drark. It appeared in the sky of Munia after the cataclysm. Its position and defenses don’t allow anyone to approach it.