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This work is masterful, colorful, memorable and I can see its potential.

Larry R., Product Dev & Creative Services Professional, NYC

Amazing! Really awesome.

Edgar R.

Avventura e umorismo in un fumetto di grande potenziale.

Non vedo l'ora di leggere il prossimo volume!

Fabio B.

La storia è divertente e molto piacevole. Promette bene! E Niki non può che conquistarti!


Niki è un adorabile infame.


Munia Boing Park

A famous amusement park on Munia, hit by the cataclysm. After boing corrupted by magic, it offers a very different kind of entertainment…

The Tower of Gears

An old dismissed power station. It used the rumbling waters of the river to produce energy. In this place, Niki will make an astonishing decision.

Southern Archipelagos

A wide group of small islands with intertwine of vines and floating rocks. They create a natural multilevel labyrinth, mostly unexplored.